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In Vivo Tests and Assays:

Cognitive Tests

Modified Barnes maze (foraging/homing; aged rat)

For additional information on use of NDI's version of the Barnes maze (aka, Foraging/Homing task),  follow this link..

To view an example of task, follow the link below.

Delayed Matching to Sample (DMTS; working memory) (primate)

Discrimination behavior (primate)

5 choice RT (rat)

Passive avoidance (rat)

Radial maze (reference and working memory versions) (rat)

Sustained attention task (rat)

Attentional Set-shifting test (rat, mouse)

Novel Object Recognition test (rat, mouse

T-maze (rat)

Y-maze (rat)

Watermaze place learning (Morris task; learning and reference memory) (rat and mouse)

Watermaze place memory (delay dependent; working memory) (rat and mouse)

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