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Preclinical Mild Cognitive Impairment models (MCI models)

Aged rats

     The FBN/F1 hybrid strain displays selective cognitive impairments beginning in late middle age, at a time when there is no general learning deficit, which develops later.  Potential therapies are tested in several types of mazes, including the watermaze, the modified Barnes maze (foraging/hoarding task), and T-maze.  

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Long Evans aged rats also display cognitive deficits, and are also used for testing potential cognitive enhancers. 

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Scopolamine impaired rat and dog

     Cholinergic impairment is a feature of age-related cognitive decline in some dementias.  Impairment of central cholinergic functioning by scopolamine is therefore used as a pharmacologic model for testing certain cognition-enhancing therapeutics, such as cholinesterase inhibitors.  NDI offers both scopolamine treated rats and dogs as models of cognitive impairment. 

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Aged rhesus monkey

     Aged rhesus monkeys show several cognitive deficits that have been linked to MCI.  The most often-used test is the Delayed Match to Sample (DMTS).    

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