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Preclinical epilepsy models

 Acquired epilepsy
Recurring seizures that result from status epilepticus (SE) are among the most difficult to treat.  An animal model of this condition has also been difficult to develop.  A recent modification of the pilocarpine-induced epilepsy model that results in SE is now available, and allows testing of potential therapies for this type of acquired epilepsy, post-SE.  Click here for an example study.


Rat, Mouse

Kainate injection-induced. 

(For an example publication [Click here])

Kindling-induced (rat only; partial seizure...permits measure of threshold plus level of progression) 

(For an  example study [Click here])

PTZ-induced seizures. 

(For an example publication  [Click here])

Audiogenic seizures. 

See below for example data.

Guinea pig

Kindling-induced (partial seizure; permits measurement of threshold plus level of progression). 

(For an example publication [Click here])

PTZ - induced seizures. 

(For an example publication [Click here])



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