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Preclinical contract research: animal models of neurological disorders:

Preclinical Inflammation and Pain models

         Acute pain

  • Hot plate
  • Tail flick

         Chronic pain

  • “Chung” model (neuropathic pain) 

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  • “Brennan” model (post-surgical pain) 

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         Inflammatory pain (acute/chronic[arthritic])

  • Paw edema (induced by carrageenan [sub-cutaneous or intra-articular], histamine [intra-plantar], or lipopolysaccharide [intra-plantar]) 

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  • Formalin injection 

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        Inflammatory pain (chronic)

  • Freund’s adjuvant injection (sub-cutaneous or intra-articular) 

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         Back pain

  • Morphine-induced Straub tail (muscle relaxant model) 

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        Vascular pain

  • EMG activity (flexor reflexes) following injection of test substance.  Example data below:



Diabetic neuropathy

  • Streptozotocin-induced neuropathy

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Chemotherapeutic pain

  • Taxol or vincristine-induced

(For an example publications [Click here1; Click here2])

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