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Preclinical Schizophrenia models

     Schizophrenia is diagnosed on the basis of positive symptoms (e.g., auditory hallucinations, paranoia, aimless or purposeless behavior) or negative symptoms (e.g., emotional affect, social withdrawal, reduced movement).   Accordingly, models of schizophrenia are divided into two general categories:  1) targeted positive symptom models, and 2) targeted negative symptom models.   The following models in these categories are offered by NDI:


Positive Symptom Models

  • Conditioned Avoidance Response 

(For an example publication [Click here])

  • Inhibition of amphetamine-induced activity


Negative Symptom Models

  • Pre-Pulse Inhibition (PPI) of acoustic startle
  • PPI in phencyclidine (PCP) treated rats

(example data below)


  • Affective and sensory pain in PCP treated rats

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     There are often adverse effects of anti-psychotics.   A model that assesses these potential adverse side-effects (catalepsy) is also offered.  

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