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Pre-Clinical Efficacay Testing

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Motor tests: drug-induced turning, forelimb asymmetry, and beam walking.

NeuroDetective International (NDI) is a bio-medical contract research organization based in the US that specializes in pre-clinical efficacy testing of CNS therapeutics.  We are the world’s only pre-clinical CRO composed of university based laboratories, each with different specialties, that conduct fee-for-service contract research. Most of these labs offer both GLP and non-GLP studies.

We are a boutique CRO composed of a network of neuroscientists with expertise in particular models of CNS disorders. If you want mass testing of an army of compounds in standard models of fill-in-the-blank, go somewhere else. If your therapy development is focused on some CNS condition in particular, come to us; we may have the perfect lab for you to evaluate the efficacy of what you have.

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