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Non-Human Primate Studies

NDI has access to a large primate colony, that includes adult and aged rhesus.  Most of these animals are pre-trained on various cognitive tasks.  Others are pre-diabetic and diabetic.  Available models range from cognitive impairment/enhancement, to schizophrenia, depression, autism, ADHD and diabetes.  Dependent measures include PET imaging, EEG, radioligand binding, memory and executive function tasks, and home-cage quantitative observations.


Age-related memory deficits

Impairment in spatial delayed-response in aged rhesus (Click here for example study


Memory enhancement in normal rhesus 

(Click here for example study)


Ketamine-induced cognitive impairment

Cognitive impairment in schizophrenia is modeled by treatment with ketamine. 

(Click here for example study 1; Click her for example study 2 )


Sites of drug action (FDG-PET) 

(Click here for an example study)


Diabetic and pre-diabetic animals

Multiple measures are available for evaluating drug efficacy in pre-diabetic and diabetic monkeys, along with age-matched controls.

Insulin and glucose measurements

Biomarkers of inflammation

Measures of retinopathy and visual function

Cognitive functions, both hippocampus and frontal cortex related

PK measurements

FDG/PET imaging and radioligand binding


For a selected bibliography of all studies conducted at this facility, (Click here)


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